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Customer Reward Points


  • How Do I Earn Points?
  • There are various ways to earn reward point on ShopRation
    • For Every 100 Rs Spent @ ShopRation Store Customer Will Get 1 Reward Point 

                              For Ex:-            Bill Amount             |          Reward Point

                                                          100                       |                 1
                                                          1000                     |                 10

  • Order more than 3500 will get Double reward points i.e. for Every 100 Rs Spent you will get 2 Reward Point
  • Write and share reviews of products on facebook and Earn 10 reward points
  • Like and Share us on FaceBook and Earn 10 reward points

  • How do I redeem rewards points?
  • Most of items carries thier "Price in reward points", shown below Price tag on the right hand of the screen. (shown below)http://shopration.com/Aashirvaad-Wheat-Atta-10Kg








  • Is there any minimum points usage criteria like other sites do?
  • No minimum point collection required. Even you can use even a Single point and get Discount accordingly

  • Do I have to Register myself with ShopRation?
  • Yes, Reward point is only available to all Registered Customers.

  • Is there any Registration Fees?
  • No, there is no Registration charges, its FREE FREE FREE

  • How do I check my reward points
  • Login to your ShopRation a/c and under My Orders check your Reward points Balance with histor

  • What Should be pay mode to get reward points?
  • Reward point is available to all paymodes(COD,Swipe Card,Online Payment). Except Payment made thru Sodexo/Ticket restuarant
Aashirvaad Select Atta 5Kg
Rs.265 Rs.260
- 2%
Aashirvaad Whole Wheat Atta 10Kg
Rs.340 Rs.290
- 15%
Based on 2 reviews.
Aashirvaad Whole Wheat Atta 5 KG
Rs.175 Rs.155
- 11%
Achari Mirch Moti 250gm
Rs.20 Rs.15
- 25%
Acs Acupressure Mat 1 Pcs
Rs.550 Rs.250
- 55%
Acs Back & Belly Belt 38 Size
Rs.950 Rs.550
- 42%
Acs Body Weight Reducer Twister 1 Pcs
Rs.700 Rs.350
- 50%
Ajwain 100gm
Rs.50 Rs.42
- 16%
Almond (Badam) 100gm
Rs.150 Rs.140
- 7%
Almond (Badam) 1kg
Rs.1,150 Rs.950
- 17%
Almond (Badam) 250gm
Rs.400 Rs.250
- 38%
Amul Pure Ghee 1kg
Rs.505 Rs.495
- 2%
Annar (Pomegranate) 500gm
Rs.125 Rs.80
- 36%
Apple Fuji 1kg
Rs.250 Rs.220
- 12%
Apple Washington  1kg
Rs.300 Rs.240
- 20%
Bagrry's Crunchy Muesli 1kg
Rs.470 Rs.450
- 4%
Bambino Macaroni 440gm
Rs.45 Rs.44
- 2%
Bambino Vermicelli 425gm
Rs.36 Rs.35
- 3%
Banana 1 kg
Rs.90 Rs.60
- 33%
Basil Seed 100gm
Rs.180 Rs.140
- 22%
Beet Root (Chukander) 500gm
Rs.50 Rs.30
- 40%
Bitter Gourd (Karela) 250gm
Rs.30 Rs.15
- 50%
Bottle Gourd (Lauki) 500gm
Rs.55 Rs.22
- 60%
Break Fast Deal
Rs.180 Rs.159
- 12%

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