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Aashirvaad Whole Wheat Atta 10Kg
Rs.340 Rs.290
- 15%
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India Gate Basmati Rice Mogra 5 kg
Rs.395 Rs.290
- 27%
Rajdhani Sooji 500gm
Rs.30 Rs.26
- 13%
Fortune Kachi Ghani Pure Mustard Oil 5 Ltr
Rs.680 Rs.599
- 12%
Loose Arhar Dal 1kg
Rs.110 Rs.88
- 20%
Mother Dairy Pure Ghee 1 kg
Rs.550 Rs.525
- 5%
Thums Up 2 Ltr
Rs.85 Rs.81
- 5%
Dabur Honey 1kg
Rs.380 Rs.370
- 3%
Toilet Paper Roll 6 Set
Rs.160 Rs.125
- 22%
Ujala Supreme 250ml.
Rs.60 Rs.59
- 2%
Pochcha Big Size 1Pcs
Rs.50 Rs.40
- 20%
Tata Tea Gold 250gm
Rs.108 Rs.105
- 3%
Horlicks Original 1Kg
Rs.394 Rs.390
- 1%

Leonardo Olive Pomace Oil 5Ltr

Rs.3,599 Rs.1,999
- 44%

Brand: Leonardo
Product Code: Leonardo
Availability: In Stock
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The brand is a market leader with a 30% + share in the fastest growing segment of edible oils market in India – olive oils. Leonardo is available in EVO, Pure and Pomace variants to cater to different needs of discerning consumers. Positioned as the olive oil for Indian cooking, it has resonated with the needs of affluent Indian homemakers leading to its leadership share status.

Leonardo Olive Pomace Oil is the main cooking grade oil. Its neutral flavor and high smoking point make it ideal for Indian cooking. Use in 1/3rd the quantity of other oils while cooking.

Produced and packaged in Italy’s finest facilities, Leonardo is currently the leading brand of olive oil in India. It is available in 3 grades: Leonardo Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Leonardo Olive Oil and Leonardo Olive Pomace Oil.

Olive oil contains highest monounsaturated “good” fats amongst edible oils and very low saturated “bad” fats, which are associated with numerous health benefits.

Leonardo Olive Oil is the intermediate grade that is ideal for Continental and Mediterranean cooking. Use it for pastas, stir-fries, sautéing, stews and in dough for baking.


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